A Daycare Center on the Belmont Park Grounds

More than 7,000 homes across New York have been built under the leadership of Michael Dubb. Entering 2018, his real estate firm Beechwood Homes had 3.9 million square feet of luxury developments in progress across Long Island. Yet his most treasured construction is a humble building on the backstretch of Belmont racetrack, one that could […]

Reimagining Real Estate On Long Island with Steven Dubb

STEVEN DUBB IS REIMAGINING real estate on Long Island. As the principal at The Beechwood Organization, Dubb is the man behind the company’s grandest and most desirable housing developments. But his one criterion is an ever-changing one: to meet Long Island’s diverse and constantly evolving housing needs. His vision is shaped around the challenges unique […]

Real Estate’s Ebb and Flow

Few things mimic the cycle of life like the housing market. From cradle to grave our demand steadily increases as we mature, from a room, to an apartment, to a house or two, and then shrinking as the nest empties until whatever conveyance is selected for the hereafter. I can hear you all asking, “How […]