Juniper’s Wins First Wine Spectator Award

About the Wine Spectator AwardAfter two challenging years, during which many customers took a long hiatus from dining out, restaurants are developing innovative ways to attract diners back, no matter their preferences. From wine flights to creative, quality “mocktails” and more, restaurants around the world are pulling out all the stops with their beverage programs […]

Why Winter Is the Best Season to Surf at New York’s Rockaway Beach

When I decided to learn to surf, five years ago, I did not venture to Malibu, Maui, or any of those fabled breaks where coconut-lotion-scented breezes ripple through palm trees and shirtless specimens with streaked hair play out their endless summers. Instead, I headed to the Rockaways, and I did so in the winter. One December day, I found […]

17 Restaurants Where New Yorkers Can Make Up for Lost Time

Restaurants on the Rockaway Peninsula are generally divided into longstanding taverns lighted by neon beer logos where locals in baseball caps talk about boats, and scruffy new establishments where day trippers in board shorts talk about coffee grinders. Bar Marseille is something else, a vaguely Provençal date-night venue at the foot of a high-end apartment […]