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About Beechwood

Beechwood is ranked at the forefront of privately-owned residential developers nationwide and on the East Coast. It is one of the largest developers of single-family homes, multi-family homes and sophisticated lifestyle communities in New York State and listed #58 of 245 U.S Housing Giants by Professional Builder. 

What We Do

Since 1985, Beechwood has built more than 7,500 homes in 60 communities, averaging 3.9 million square feet in new developments annually since 2017 with new projects on the map from New York to the Carolinas. Across Long Island, you may know Beechwood Homes as Country Pointe and Meadowbrook Pointe communities as well as The Vanderbilt Luxury Rentals.

Left: Steven Dubb, Right: Michael Dubb

Our Story

Beechwood founder and chief executive Michael Dubb, with son and principal Steven Dubb, are renowned for their innovative and forward thinking in “not just selling a home, but a lifestyle” with signature quality construction and design for the way sophisticated buyers and renters want to live today.   

Their commitment to the cities and towns they operate in, the communities they create and the people who become part of them guide their thoughtful land planning and design, repurposing underutilized land, building in harmony with nature and creating a benefit for residents.