LI community helps couple affected by Sandy



An elderly couple on Long Island whose home was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy is getting some much needed help cleaning up.

Peter Picucci, who earlier in the week was having trouble keeping warm in his Amityville home, is receiving assistance from his community.

Carpenters, electricians, neighbors, and total strangers are all helping to clean up an elderly couple’s flood-ravaged home after seeing their story on Fox 5 News.

Fox 5 News first introduced you to the 95-year-old Picucci two days ago; he and a few neighbors were struggling to clean out his home after Sandy.

The town had just sent Picucci a notice saying residents like him would now have to pay for garbage pickup themselves.

Now there is a game plan! Mr. Picucci’s home is buzzing with volunteers!

“I feel wonderful,” said an emotional Picucci. “There are good people in this world.”

And a general contractor has offers to rebuild Picucci’s a home for free.

“To think that in Long Island there is a 95-year-old man was sitting in his home weeks after the storm with no heat was unconscionable,” said Michael Dubb of the Beechwood Organization.

The volunteer workforce has grown. Larry Parker was able to recruit dozens of other people to pitch in.

“It makes you feel good to help and that’s what we need to do for each other,” said Parker.

One couple that never met Picicci drove from Islip to get their hands dirty.

“We feel bad for a lot of people, we did well but many people did not,” said Christine McKenna.

“It’s better than shopping and spending money today. Helping is what Thanksgiving is all about,” added her husband John.

Picucci’s wife has been in the hospital following a heart-attack before storm. He hopes the house will be ready when she comes home.

“How can I say thank you? There’s no word in the dictionary better than thank you,” said Picicci.

When this is done it will be handicap accessible with new appliances and maybe this couple that has suffered so much will be better off than before the storm.